Cooking with CBD Oil

Cooking With CBD Oil? Here’s Why Nuuyu Is The Best Choice

Cooking with CBD oil has proven to help and aid in the treatment of various disorders and abnormalities. If you live in a state where CBD is legal, chances are you could have seen a sudden surge in the number of CBD oil products in the market. 

CBD oils are officially recognized by doctors around the globe and have little to no side effects. THC-free CBD oils can help you focus better, improve your quality of sleep, relax your muscles and assist in pain relief. This is in no way similar to cooking with cannabis. 

But its influx is its own curse. There are a lot of CBD cooking products in the market manufactured by substandard vendors. 

But you are in luck today because if you’re reading this, you’ve found one of the best CBD oil producers, Nuuyu . This article explains how Nuuyu, as a brand, produces the best quality cannabis cooking oils and how they differ from the rest.

1. Wide Range Of Formulas

CBD in its raw form has a lot of different use cases. This includes anxiety relief, seizure control, neuroprotection, pain relief, acne removal, cancer treatment, etc., However, Nuuyu isolates the compounds and concentrates them into separate formulas. 

This exponentially improves its effectiveness and also reduces the time taken for you to see results. Nuuyu manufactures 4 different CBD oils with each having its unique effect. 

CBD Oil For Sleep

Research suggests that over 66% of people who use CBD oil for cooking would enjoy a good night’s rest. Nuuyu isolates the terpene compounds in our CBD oil for sleep formula. This will increase the effects of cannabidiol, which helps users fall asleep faster and increase the duration of their sleep.

CBD For Focus

Do you know that about 79% of the subjects who add CBD cooking products to their lifestyle would see a significant reduction in their anxiety levels? This reduction in stress, fatigue, and social anxiety will help the subjects focus better. Nuuyu’s focus formula guarantees 0% THC to keep you focused while other brands have 0.2% THC in them.

CBD Oil For Pain Relief

CBD oils are mainly known for their pain relief properties and can take effect within 15 to 45 minutes. Nuuyu’s terpene relief CBD oil formula for pain relief can help you recover from muscle soreness and bodily discomfort after intense physical training. It can also help you overcome chronic conditions like arthritis. 

CBD Oil For Muscle Relaxation

Cooking with CBD oil is a great way to relax your muscles due to the delta-limonene compound present in them. Nuuyu’s muscle relaxation compound is infused with terpenes, which helps your muscles relax after a long day of work. 

2. Unique CBD Oil Composition

Most brands in the market manufacture CBD cooking products with no additional efforts and customizations. Nuuyu has a unique line-up of cannabis oil recipes that targets one specific abnormality at a time.

All the ingredients are 100% natural with CBD concentrations of 5% & 10%. Every single product that Nuuyu manufactures has its own amount of added additional terpenes to enhance their benefits.

3. 0% THC To Keep You Safe

Cooking with cannabis will get you high owing to the THC compound that’s present in them. While most manufacturers market “<0.3%” as “THC-free“, Nuuyu guarantees 0% THC in all our CBD oils. 

THC is psychoactive and could lead to loss of focus and drowsiness. On the contrary, people who use our CBD oils for cooking appreciate their ability to improve attention and focus. We also have a compound that induces sleep but it is still free of THC.

4. Derived From Natural Ingredients

We procure pure European hemp to manufacture and extract CBD oils. Our oils are a product of 100% natural ingredients. We do not encourage adulteration and the usage of artificial chemicals to enhance the properties of CBD.

5. The Ingredients Are Broad Spectrum

Our cannabis cooking oils have broad-spectrum ingredients in them to maximize the benefits you receive. The composition of terpenes, CBC, and CBN we use can leave you with a wide range of positive health impacts. 


The awareness about the potential health benefits of cooking with CBD oil is growing each day. Every year, there’s more documented research to prove the positive impacts of CBD oil on a patient’s lifestyle. 

0% THC CBD Oils from Nuuyu pose no risk and are not psychoactive owing to the absence of THC. Millions of customers around the globe have enjoyed using our oils and they have seen amazing results. It is time you try it out for yourselves.

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