CBD oils & creams

Elevate your wellness through cannabis

With 0% THC and special Terpenes formulated to give you additional benefits to your life, our products work on your mind, body & spirit.


We are more than just a CBD company. Our products have special Terpenes and a unique formula. We use the products ourselves and we know how it can improve lives.

100% natural We offer the highest quality, 100% natural CBD made from prime European hemp.
0% THC Our products have been tested to ensure they have zero THC in them.
Broad spectrum We use broad spectrum CBD products to provide the maximum benefits
Unique formula Scientists from Israel developed a special formula with extra Terpenes

Unique formula CBD oils

All of our CBD oils have a different formulation of Terpenes to tackle different situations in your life.

What do you need?

Relief from athlete soreness
Better sleep
Time away from from a stressed mind
Improved concentration

Body rescue CBD creams

Our CBD Creams are made with 0% THC and are composed of natural ingredients that provide the maximum benefits for your skin and muscles.

What do you need?

Reduced signs of aging
Hydrated and relieved skin
Anti-fatigue relax body
Warming relieving sensation after exercise
Our CBD products benefit your stress levels

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NUUYU was founded by Jesse Forster, A Canadian sports & heath enthusiast.

He has always been a sports enthusiast. It is precisely because of this that throughout his life, not only has he dedicated a large part of his free time to sports as a hobby, but also to training in a more professional way, even competing in bouts.

All this intense sport left him to have recurring injuries, with one injury leading to another. All of this caused him to completely stop doing sports and try many treatments to alleviate the pain but none of them work as expected.

Jesse discovered CBD and it helped him relax and alleviate discomforts. From then on he began to consume them regularly and decide o create Nuuyu to help you do the same!