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Anti-ageing properties: Studies have shown that CBD can keep your skin looking young and beautiful thanks to its antioxidant properties.

It’s good to know that there are various ways to fight ageing, but it seems that not all methods have the same effect on everyone.

The good news is that research has shown that certain substances, such as cannabis, can help stop or prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place.

Have you ever thought about what might be causing those pesky wrinkles around your eyes? Well, recent evidence suggests that oxidative stress may cause these premature signs of ageing, so perhaps we should be more careful when using moisturisers, as dehydration over time damages the DNA of cells through oxidation, causing them to age prematurely.

Helps with rosacea and eczema: CBD has been found to be an excellent solution for those suffering from rosacea and eczema. CBD can help stop the inflammation that causes itchy, dry skin, while moisturising the skin more naturally than conventional lotion products. It is also excellent for reducing pain by relieving the inflammatory nerve pathways responsible for these symptoms.

Crema facial CBD
Crema CBD

CBD interacts with your skin receptors: CBD is a natural element that interacts with our CB1 and CB2 receptors in the outer layer of the skin. CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea and dandruff.

The main reason people have chosen cannabidiol (CBD) over other methods is because it is much safer than some treatments such as topical creams containing steroids or retinoids such as tretinoin, which can cause side effects such as redness of sensitive areas; dry eyes, mouth; erythema/skin irritation.

If you suffer from chronic itching, CBD might help. Itching is the worst! It’s that feeling of something crawling on your skin and you can’t get it off no matter how much you scratch or rub. Research shows that CBD can alleviate this sensation by blocking the nerve endings in the skin, which sends a signal to our brain and body to stop scratching, because we think it gets rid of all the itching when in fact it just gets blocked, leading to an endless cycle of itching. Studies have also shown that not only is there rapid relief, but over time, with consistent use, symptoms are also significantly reduced, leaving participants more comfortable than before they started treatment.

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Raul Castejon
Raul Castejon
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Good product, excellent service.
Mary Paz
Mary PazTrustpilot
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Customer service is second to none. Forgivable, fast and efficient help. They advise you and make sure they understand you so they can recommend exactly the product you need. And it all gets better because the products are also great, the creams are natural and have been great for my swollen ankles and legs in general. I recommend them 100%!
Mae Knapugel
Mae Knapugel@mae.mindfulyoga
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I really like the organic hemp creams: they have been a real discovery.

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