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CBD Relax: Calming effect with no side effects

Are you experiencing situations that trigger anxiety attacks? Do you always feel stressed out due to pressure from different areas in your life? Is your mind racing from one thought to another that you find it hard to stay calm? Do you feel nervous and overwhelmed by worrying over things that may or may not happen? Do you find it hard to just relax? CBD could be the natural solution you need.

What is CBD? And how can it help you.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. CBD extracts are used in tinctures and oils that have anti-anxiety benefits. But unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),which is also a cannabinoid from hemp, CBD is legal and has no contraindications. Our CBD oil for relaxation has NO THC so you won’t experience that “high”, addictive sensation.

People who are stressed or anxious have tried using CBD oil for relaxation, even without the use of prescription medications. In a 2020 study, those who were prescribed CBD for anxiety or depression in a clinical practice reported an improvement in their quality of life. They were able to perform daily functions and noted a reduction in anxiety or depression symptoms.

CBd oil relax

Common causes of anxiety and stress

Mental or physical conditions and external factors are the main triggers of anxiety and stress. Mental conditions can include generalized anxiety disorder or panic and phobic disorders. Anxiety can also be triggered by stressing over serious physical illnesses or injuries and side effects from medication or the use of illegal drugs.

In this regard, professional medical help may be required as anxiety-related behaviour may have underlying complications that can be resolved with the proper medical attention.

You can also feel anxious from external factors such as stress over work or school, financial difficulties, personal relationships, current global or national issues that may affect you directly or indirectly, and unpredictable circumstances in your life, among others. Our CBD stress relieving oil will help you solve those issues.

Just a few relaxing drops of CBD can help alleviate your anxiety and manage your stress-related feelings. If you have severe symptoms, consult with your physician or healthcare provider on CBD oil for relaxation. 

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for anxiety

Some people may think hemp oil (or hemp seed oil) and CBD oil are one in the same. But they are actually very different from each other.

CBD oil is extracted from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant while hemp oil is derived from the plant’s seeds which don’t contain CBD.

Hemp oil’s possible benefits include improving skin conditions and gastrointestinal disorders. It may even have antioxidant and anti-aging effects. CBD oil is known to have anti-anxiety, antidepressive, and pain relief properties.

How does CBD oil make you feel? With CBD, stress seems to fade away with its calming effect.
In the case of hemp oil versus CBD oil for anxiety, the obvious choice would be CBD oil for relaxation.

Experience the effects of our CBD Relax oil:

Aceite CBD relax

Frequent Questions

Absolutely, CBD oil does relax you. Your feelings of anxiety will gradually slip away as you begin to experience a sense of calmness. You can feel yourself begin to unwind as your pent-up tension from stress gradually loosens up.

Your restless mind will feel more at ease and you’ll feel less nervous from your constant worrying. It is a natural effect of the CBD oil to help you achieve a state of relaxation.

Sublingual use is not regulated in Spain but in other EU countries and in the US and Canada, the recommended CBD dosage for anxiety by doctors is between 10mg and 50mg a day for adults. For starters, the US National Library of Medicine recommends a dosage of 20-25mg.

Using our dropper, a typical drop of CBD oil is around 2.5 mg. That means you need to take around 10 drops a day. If you are looking to try CBD for stress or anxiety, we recommend taking doses in this range before you increase or reduce the dosage. With CBD for anxiety problems, the effects may take some time to work so it is important to be consistent and divide the intake in two: you can take 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening.

The cannabis plant, from which we derive our CBD oils, has a high concentration of terpenes which stimulate your body’s natural coping mechanisms to help restore your well-being. Terpenes are present in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD.

Nuuyu’s special formula oils not only contain terpenes, but they also have the perfect mix of terpenes that help with each individual problem. That is why a 5% normal CBD oil is not the same as our special formula oil. Our 5% CBD Relax oil has been specially developed by scientists in the Technion Institute in Israel by taking the best terpenes for each single oil.
This makes our oils more effective than the rest, allowing you to take less oil on a daily basis and making it last longer.

This also helps your budgeting throughout the month. If you are looking for superior CBD oils that offer health benefits with no side effects, Nuuyu is your answer.

Read more about terpenes here.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are cannabinoids derived from cannabis. THC is what causes the narcotic effects of cannabis. High-quality CBD is very well tolerated and does not cause adverse effects. A full-spectrum CBD oil does include THC, but not more than 0.03%. However, many brands of full-spectrum CBD oils are not capable of 100% removal of THC, so you can test positive for drugs. A broad spectrum CBD oil does NOT have THC, which is why this is recommended. Following an extraction process, it is possible to isolate and eliminate THC from the whole product. This is how CBD Oil without THC is made.

At Nuuyu we have developed an extraction method capable of producing high-quality broad spectrum oil with 0.00% THC for your safety. It’s how we give you the benefits of CBD without the danger of testing positive for THC or suffering any THC-related effects. As mentioned earlier, based on numerous research studies, there are no known dangers of CBD oil for anxiety treatment.

Read more about 0% THC and CBD here.

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