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Do you have trouble sleeping and wake up tired and exhausted every morning? There are many reasons why you can’t get enough sleep and find it difficult to enjoy an uninterrupted, deep and restful rest. That’s where CBD for sleep comes in.

What is CBD? And how can it help you.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Just like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—which you may know for its most famous use as “weed”)—CBD can be used as an extract to create tinctures and oils that are known for their anti-anxiety properties. However, unlike THC, CBD is legal and has no contraindications. Our CBD oil for Sleep does NOT contain THC so you won’t experience that “high”, addictive sensation.

A lot of people use CBD for sleep problems like insomnia and for alleviating chronic pain as an easy way to get relief without using prescription medications. Studies have shown that CBD is now regarded as one of the recommended natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety with no known side effects.

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Most common causes of sleeping problems

Some of the most common causes of sleep problems are stress, chronic pain, and anxiety. Even though it does not cure insomnia, CBD has been shown to help with all three!

One way that CBD can help you get a good night’s rest is by reducing inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation interrupts your endocrine system which regulates how hormones function.

Another habit that causes sleeping problems is drinking caffeinated beverages late in the evening such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks. No, CBD cannot help you with this one. If you down a pint of those energy drinks, it does not matter how much CBD oil you consume!

You’ll be hyped up and you’ll have to wait until the sugar and caffeine in your bloodstream metabolizes. Then you crash. For your liver’s sake, please stop drinking energy drinks.

Poor sleep quality can also be a symptom of an undiagnosed or untreated mood disorder like depression.

Many studies demonstrate that CBD for sleep can help alleviate some symptoms associated with these disorders so that you are able to get better, more restful sleep!

How does CBD improve sleep?

Taking CBD for sleep disorders is a great idea as it also helps regulate your body to produce more melatonin and serotonin which are both important hormones to promote restful sleep. Nerves in your body release the hormone cortisol when you are stressed, but studies have shown that CBD can help inhibit this process.

CBD is also a natural antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative damage which also contributes to sleep quality and duration as well as better heart health due to lack of inflammation. That’s another huge point for CBD for being one of the natural remedies for sleep improvement.

When it comes to CBD and sleep, the effects are significant:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sublingual cannabidiol (CBD) oil acts as a sedative but does not have such unpleasant side effects associated with it. Taking CBD oil keeps you awake during the day, but also helps you relax and is sleep-inducing. CBD for sleep helps you fight insomnia and, of course, does not cause addiction of any kind. It helps improve your sleep in two ways: the duration time for sleeping and the quality of your sleep. That’s why we recommend CBD oil for sleep as one of our best natural remedies for insomnia.

Read more about CBD’s benefits here.

Even though Sublingual use in not regulated in  Spain, in other EU countries, US and Canada doctors recommend CBD dosages between 10mg and 50mg a day for adults. To start with, the US National Library of Medicine recommends a dosage of 20-25mg.

A typical drop of CBD, if you use our dropper, is around 2.5 mg. That means you need to take around 10 drops a day. If you are looking for CBD for insomnia, we recommend trying doses in this range before you increase or reduce the dosage. With CBD and sleep problems, the effects may take some time to work so it is important to be consistent and divide the intake in two: you can take 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening.

The cannabis plant, from which we derive our CBD oils, has a high concentration of terpenes which stimulate your body’s natural coping mechanisms to help restore your well-being. Terpenes are present in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. 

Nuuyu’s special formula oils not only contain terpenes, but they also have the perfect mix of terpenes that help with each individual problem. That is why a 5% normal CBD oil is not the same as our special formula oil. Our 5% CBD oil for sleep has been specially developed by scientists in the Technion Institute in Israel by taking the best terpenes for each single oil.

This makes our oils more effective than the rest, allowing you to take less oil on a daily basis and making it last longer. This also helps your budgeting throughout the month. If you are looking for superior CBD oils that offer health benefits with no side effects, Nuuyu is your answer.

Read more about terpenes here.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are cannabinoids derived from cannabis. THC is what causes the narcotic effects of cannabis. High-quality CBD is very well tolerated and does not cause adverse effects. A full-spectrum CBD oil does include THC, but not more than 0.03%. However, many brands of full-spectrum CBD oils are not capable of 100% removal of THC, so you can test positive for drugs. A broad spectrum CBD oil does NOT have THC, which is why this is recommended. Following an extraction process, it is possible to isolate and eliminate THC from the whole product. This is how CBD Oil without THC is made. 

At Nuuyu we have developed an extraction method capable of producing high-quality broad spectrum oil with 0.00% THC for your safety. It’s how we give you the benefits of CBD  without the danger of testing positive for THC or suffering any THC-related effects. 

Read more about 0% THC and CBD here. 

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